Monday, December 23, 2013

Even more Kindle freebies and a new Sudan book...

Just in time for Christmas I came across this web site the other week...  


It's a little different to the norm being a site dedicated not only to free ebooks (multiple formats), but also free audio books...ideal for aural entertainment while at the painting table.

Details added to the Kindle Library page (up the top)...


Separately, courtesy of the wargame news and terrain blog [clicky] (which I recommend mightily as a handy source for what's new in the hobby) I found out this week that Mike Snook (he of "Go Strong Into the Desert" [clicky] fame - which I also recommend highly) has just released a new book on the failed Gordon Relief Expedition...

Quite excited about this as its a favourite period for me (as you probably know) and books about it are not exactly pouring forth, but was a little worried that it might feature re-chewed content from the Go Strong book.

Taking keyboard in hand I dashed off a quick email to the publishers to ask that very question, when blow me down I don't get a response from Mike Snook himself!

Suffice to say that based on his email I have immediately hot footed it to order a copy...  a personal Christmas present!

Reviews will of course be provided once it is read...


  1. thank you for sharing a most useful link

    1. Cheers Loki - I would imagine the amount of painting you get through you would need some aural entertainment! Keep it up b.t.w., your paint jobs are outstanding