Monday, January 20, 2014

Now that's just plain unfair....

....oooooh....    shiny.........  

Napoleon in Egypt - 20mm [clicky]

"1st Releases Available 4th February - 25% OFF listed price if you pre order now and receive yours first!

Napoleon in Egypt Range:

FIE01 - French Command 1798
FIE02 - French, Kleber Ordinance, Advancing
FIE03 - French, Kleber Ordinance, Loading
FIE04 - French, Kleber Ordinance, Firing
FIE05 - French, Kleber Ordinance, at Ready
OTT01 - Ottoman Janissary Command
OTT02 - Janissaries Advancing
OTT03 - Janissaries Loading
OTT04 - Janissaries Firing
OTT05 - Janissaries at Ready
OTT12 - Anatolian Sekhans
OTT15 - Egyptian Sekhans
OTT22 - Bedouin Militia Infantry
OTT25 - Albanian Militia Infantry"

Oh my......   


  1. Yes, Newline are terrible people :-) I bought some of their SYW figures to 'upgrade' my loyal plastic armies and now am planning on buying a bargain pack although I really don't need them. They look really nice even with my own poor painting standard. Thankfully, I am not into Napoleon in Egypt - or could some of those figures fight SYW Austrians...please, no.

  2. Fab, just what I need for my imagination forces, which double as SYW, and I think these Ottomans could too Sorry Jim

  3. Wrong size, thank goodness!!!!