Tuesday, April 01, 2014

"Sedgemoor 1685 : Marlborough's First Victory".. bargain!

I managed to get a hard copy of this just before I visited the battlefield [clicky] seven (yee gods!!) years ago, and it was without a doubt hugely helpful in setting the background of the campaign, and also depicting the battle... John Tincey is also very readable, he has an excellent writing style, and is particularly knowledgeable on Marlborough..
So very much recommended and at this price for your Kindle - unmissable!


  1. Interesting????? Now all we need are the figures to go with it??

  2. I used to drive across the battlefield regularly to see a girlfriend in Somerset so have always wanted to collect figures for this but I really, really mustn't. Maybe a few for Donnybrook? That's an idea! Oh alright! You have persuaded me! Again!