Friday, June 06, 2014

Kindle D Day Anniversary bargains - one day only!!

On this so very important anniversary, Amazon have made available twenty WW2/D-Day themed books they are only available today, so get in there quick chaps... 

This link should work [clicky] otherwise go to Amazon, Kindle books section and lookfor the link to the Daily Deal

Examples as follows - the Ospreys in particular are on my shopping list:


  1. Many thanks for the 'heads up' at Amazon. I wish I hadn't spent my monthly book allowance already 'cos there's a couple of gems there I would be interested in - particularly the Pegasus Bridge tome.
    My pockets are never as deep as I'd like them to be, which makes my insane craze for collecting military books rather difficult. Perhaps I need help?
    Problem is, you can't get a bank loan to purchase a book.

    Steve (Turner)

    1. Steve - the "good" news is that they are back to normal price so your money is safe... :o)