Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kindle bargains!

Amazon have a summer sale on...

Bolt Action WWII rules [clicky] - £1.89 (I bought this one purely to have a read and see what all the fuss is about)

Bolt Action: Armies of Germany [clicky]
£1.09 (got this too..!)

Bolt Action: Armies of the Soviet Union [clicky] £1.19


Max Hastings Armageddon the Battle for Germany 1944-5 [clicky] £1.09 (excellent - I have this in hardback)

If you're of that ilk - and I'm not - these are also about a pound each

In Her Majesty's Name: Steampunk Skirmish Wargaming Rules (Osprey Wargames 3)

Heroes, Villains and Fiends: A Companion for In Her Majesty's Name (Osprey Wargames)

Lots of other bargains here [clicky]... fill yer boots..


  1. Thanks Steve - I grabbed myself some great titles at bargain prices!

    1. Pendragon - excellent ...!I confess to getting a load of fiction as well and all for less than £5 total..

  2. Why can't they have other e-formats available instead of just Kindle?....

  3. Paul - worry not - if you don't have a Kindle you can still read the files on anther device... either download the app for the specific device you want to use (android/iphone/pc etc) and download... then either use that device, or download Calibre and save the file in a different format..

  4. Cheers for the heads-up on this I'd been considering 'In her majesty's' name for a while and at that price I couldn't resist.