Thursday, July 10, 2014

Not dead..

...just resting...

Currently en vacance en Vendee - excellent time being had by all, but look for posts in the near future on my little (local) part of Hitler's Atlantic Wall (and a request for assistance in identification of same), book reviews, and a snippet on the Chateau de Noirmoutier (beautiful!)


  1. Excellent choice for a break. Did you cross on the tidal road or the rather scary and steep road bridge? Challans, not too far away, used to have an interesting historic fair with plenty of free food and wine being given away as samples.

    1. Hi Paul... old stomping grounds for Steve the Wargamer.. my first French holiday was on Noirmoutier about 40 years ago (Townsend Thorenson car ferries!) - this time we arrived by the bridge which is, to use one of the young peoples phrases, awesome! Wasn't sure of the tide hence the safe option.... superb location and a very enjoyable day - grandson enjoyed the aquarium... as a sailing man and a wargamer, Noirmouter appeals on both levels... ripe for Napoleonic landing parties a la Hornblower, and lots of yacht building going on

  2. I could do with some of that Flanders beer for my Tour de France viewing!

  3. Legatus - spoilt for choice here in the Vendee - the local brewer is Melusin but I have to admit the beers are a little pedestrian... this is out of region but readily available as is my favourite of this holiday (and indeed many previous ones) which is La Goudale...

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