Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nothing Civil about Civil War

"With historical authors Michael Arnold and Robert Wilton. Come along to the Novium Museum for an exciting evening with two historical authors.

Michael Arnold lives in Petersfield, Hampshire and has been a member of Earl Rivers' Regiment of Foote in The Sealed Knot. Traitor's Blood is the first in The Civil War Chronicles series featuring the unforgettable Captain Stryker and is followed by Devil's Charge (a Sunday Times Historical Fiction Choice of the Year) and most recently Warlord's Gold.

Robert Wilton is a diplomat, charity co-founder and writer. The latest in the prize-winning Comptrollerate-General series of historical novels, drawing on documents from the organisation's archive and exploring different crises in British history, is The Spider of Sarajevo, published on the centenary of the events it illuminates. He divides his time between Cornwall and the Balkans.

Light refreshments and an opportunity to view the museum's collection will be available at the interval.
Contact the Novium Museum for tickets 01243 775888. Tickets can also be purchased from Chichester Library, phone: 01243 777351 or email:
 Venue: The Novium Tickets: £5.00
Time: 6.30pm Date: Friday 12 September"

I have my ticket, and I am looking forward to it very much...   I shall report back after the event!

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  1. "Captain Stryker"...I know one of his descendants!

    Currently knee deep in Douglas Reeman books but I will keep an eye for these at the library.