Saturday, January 17, 2015

Recuerdos de la Alhambra - Tarrega - John Williams

I have fairly wide ranging tastes when it comes to music, but one of the core components of practically all the music that will eventually appear in this Top 20 feature is the guitar...  in all its facets... and in this case, Spanish..

There are a number of quite astonishing guitarists about in this particular style, but my favourite has always been John Williams (this one by Emmanuel Rossfelder [clicky] is also rather good, and shows the intricacies involved in actually playing the composition)

I have a fair amount of Spanish classical guitar in my collection - I find it very relaxing, and soothing (I often find myself listening to this if I'm out sailing). This one in particular, though, has been in my top 20 since forever..  there is something about this composition that just oozes, heat, sun, dust, and in my minds eye, a slight scent of oranges, Spanish tobacco, and siesta..


Bear with..  new figures are lurching from the painting table even as we speak...  the Sikhs and Bengal Lancers have also arrived, and are already made up and undercoated....


  1. If so, and you are willing to answer a few questions about it, Im trying to learn it. I will write a tutorial when Im done. You can write me at gcbisset at g mail. Roll High!

  2. gcbisset.. I do... email on its way