Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Closure (?) on the body of the British solider found at Waterloo...

Good read in the paper yesterday - I wondered if they'd manage to close on the story..

Background to this in the following post [clicky], and this follow up [clicky] from a year later ... then this weekend we had the following..  click to 'embigen' as Conrad Kinch would say..

With thanks to the Sunday Times for the content....

...apologies for the missing text between scans, it reads ....Leicester in 2012, were able to use DNS from living relatives to check the identity of their skeleton, the team at ....

...you have to admire Bousquet's tenacity..  three years they've been investigating this... amazing!


  1. Replies
    1. Ray - I agree comepletely, I do love this archaeological detective type of story....

  2. Spooky- I was telling a guy at work about the original story and how I wondered if he was ever identified a few days back. I love stories like this, I remember how the body of an ACW confederate soldier was found when they were clearing for a car park a few years back and how he was identified.

  3. Brilliant story! Not aware of it before!

    1. Legatus - you commented on the first post I did on the subject back in 2012... :o))