Monday, July 06, 2015

"One Hour Wargames" - Scenario 2 - "Pitched Battle (2)" - Set up

Following on from the first scenario, I (at least! ) was keen to push on and have a go at the next one before I went on holiday, and for this game we (DG and I) again set the scenario in the Marlburian period.

The second scenario is another encounter battle, this time inspired by all those training games that featured in the early rule books by the old masters (Featherstone/Grant et al) and features a cross roads on one corner edge of the table, and a hill diagonally opposite. The winner is the player who controls both objectives by the end of the game..

As in the last game all unit morale modifiers will be 0 (for both sides),  no National characteristic bonuses will apply for either side (ie. British/Dutch firing bonus doesn’t apply etc etc) – as much as possible each side will be totally equal, except for the results of the randomised force generator. Also as per the last game there were no brigadiers for either side (these are used in the rules for morale saves/improvements) - commander in chief only.

The scenario is another six unit per side, game so we diced using the same randomised force table, this time both DG and I threw 5, giving us the following forces, DG is playing the Allies, and I will play the French

DG first:

...then me..

Table was as follows - starting edges top and bottom:

...and from the side - so starting edge left and right.

We diced for edge, and DG took the crossroads side. Any deployment or formation is allowed as long as it is within 6" of the table edge..

Bear with... the game will follow!


  1. Looks and sounds pretty good, nice to see the old TSS tiles, Posties got a lifetime supple of the buggers!

    1. Been using them for years, Ray... in fact I keep thinking I need to get a few extra's to fill some holes in the available set ups I can make... shame they don't go to the shows any more...