Friday, September 11, 2015

"One Hour Wargames" - Scenario 4 - "Take the High Ground" - Set up

Colours [clicky] approach'eth and DG has made his pilgrimage from deepest darkest Welsh Wales in order to accompany me on a shared mission to spend out hard earned spondoolicks on yet more "tat" (as the current Mrs Steve the Wargamer calls it, and I don't doubt the current Mrs DG also .. ), and which he and I both know are "treasures" (my precious)... 

Yep, the exhibition of all things shiny is back again, albeit in a one day guise after not having been on the calendar at all last year.. I for one can't wait, DG and  I have been going for years so it's absence left a (surprisingly) large hole in the force for me last year...

As he's down, DG and I will also try to fit in a face to face game (by the by it's been good year for games this year thanks to Skype, not so much for quantity of posts, but we shall see at the end of year..). Taking up the cudgels again, I proposed a change of period for the next game given we had played a lot of black powder era this year - my suggestions were either the American Civil War or a return to the Sudan, but given that the Sudan rules I use are largely solo orientated I've plunked for the war between the states..

Rules will be "Hearts of Tin" [clicky], the last time I played these being 2012 [clicky] - the older I get the more I crave simpler pleasures and these do it for me...  our normal rules of choice are Regimental Fire and Fury, but at the end of the game, as good as the rules are, I have a headache from having to remember all the customisable options for your units (what type of rifle, what training level, what current morale, what percentage of remaining points etc etc.) it will be interesting to see what DG makes of them...

The scenario will be #4 from One Hour Wargames - "Take the High Ground" - another 6 unit game, but because I have decided to go American Civil War and my collection is not yet huge, I have decided to modify and create the unit selection table to my own purposes:

Dice Roll Inf Musket Inf Rifle Artillery Zouaves/Elite Cavalry
1 4 - 1 1 -
2 4 - - 1 1
3 4 1 1 - -
4 4 1 - 1 -
5 4 1 - - 1
6 3 - 1 1 1

Elite/Zouave units get a +1 to dice throws when firing and in melee (and yes I know not all Zouave units were actually very good, it's just used as a differentiator), they can also take more damage before they start losing stands..

Only other change I will make (and Ross, bless 'im, does encourage you to do this) is to the orders phase - with the best will in the world a small force like this is only going to end up with two or three brigades so a D6 driven orders phase is not going to cause much of a problem - for this game I may use a D4 for orders, or D6 minus something, or better still I may just say there are no brigades and each unit has to be ordered separately...  I'd like a little friction!

We'll dice for sides, then force composition, and then who gets to move first this evening..  should be fun!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. We've beeing going through OHW scenarios but have yet to give the ACW armies an outing...