Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Now this is handy.. the tutorial...

Wondered if it might help if I gave a step by step on how to use that table generator I mentioned [clicky]..  appreciate there'll be those this doesn't apply to, but equally there are those it may help.. so, if generating tables in your blog posts is of no interest, I'll return you to your normal programming..  "next blog, please" 

If you are interested though...

1/. Got to website and select the HTMLTables option

2/. Set the size of your table..doesn't matter if you want to add or delete extra rows or columns later.. default seems to be 4 (rows) by 5 (columns) select the 'table' drop down and then 'set size' to open a little box on which you can select with your mouse to set size of table (just move the mouse over the area you want and click).. it tells you the size at the bottom as a check..  (NB. If at a later point you want to add or delete rows or columns select the relevant drop down for column or row)

3/. Not essential but this is a 'tarting up' point - either do it now or after you've entered your content...  this is how you space the lines and columns - narrow or wide..  just slide the bar with your mouse..

4/. Time to put your data/content in - just click on the cell and start typing - you can either do it here, or copy the blank table into the Blogger post and do it there.. this example assumes you're doing it in the web page..

5/. Set the alignment, font, font characters (bold underlined etc)..  for Blogger I wouldn't bother with these, as you can do the later in Blogger..  but you can do it here if you want..

6/. Click the "Do Not Generate CSS" check box - CSS is an HTML language but the code is more complex, and isn't necessary in Blogger, as Blogger has it's own CSS code running in the background..  then click the "Generate" button

7/. Click the copy to clipboard option

8/. Go to blogger, open new post, select "HTML" option at top,and paste the code, Click "Compose" and voila, un table - the only change I made was to add "Border=1" to the "Table" command right at the beginning so that I could see the lines between the cells...


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  1. Steve,
    Your not one of them secret hackers are you. If so can I have my cash back please.