Friday, April 15, 2016

John Corrigan Memorial game 2016 - "Windtown Bridge" - Setup

DG is down this weekend for our traditional trip to Salute - very much looking forward to Salute, but it also gives us the opportunity to play a face to face game, and on this occasion we will also take the opportunity to play our annual John Corrigan Memorial game [clicky]... difficult to believe it's now been five years since John passed on, but as is traditional, we'll use his figures for this game which makes it an American war of Independence game..

John was an Old School gamer (he played against many of the forefathers, I particularly remember him talking about visits to the Wessex Military Society, and games with Don Featherstone) so I try to make the scenario Old School as well, and this time I thought we might use "Blasthof Bridge" from 'Charge!' as the source for the game...  ...with apologies to the "Charge" aficionados among you, I Anglicised the name of the scenario to make it more... errr...  "colonial"

I "borrowed" the following from the battle report [clicky] on the Spencer Smith [clicky] site - a cracking read and very much recommended - as it saved me having to scan and reproduce the pictures myself..

© Rob Grace 2010.
As described in the book, the battle is a fictional contest between the ‘Elector’ and the ‘Emperor’ (which will be represented in our game by the Americans and the British/Hessian/Loyalists), in which the retreating forces of one, are trying to stop the advancing forces of the other, from capturing a bridge over Blast River.

The rearguard has to either destroy the bridge (hold both ends of the bridge for 6 turns) or hold it until nightfall (move 15)

The orders of battle for the two sides in the book are quite small (see following), with the rear guard being (very) slightly stronger in infantry, and the advance guard being the same in cavalry...


Hohenzollern DR 1 officer / 12 troopers
4th Dragoons (Bases 37 and 38)
Max Josef IR 3 officers / 40 soldiersGreen Mountain Boys - 1st Battalion    (1 & 2)
Green Mountain Boys - 2nd Battalion   (3 & 4)
Field Artillery 2 guns, 1 officer / 10 gunnersNew York Artillery - Light  (27)
TOTAL 69 figures (50% = 35 figures) TOTAL: 20 SP's

Advance Guard/British and Hessian

Birkenfeld CR 2 officers /16 troopers16th Light Dragoons (Bases 24 & 25)
Hoch und Deutschmeister IR 2 officers / 32 soldiersBrunswick Jaegers (3 & 4)
Brunswick Battalion von Barner (8 & 9)
Field Artillery 2 guns, 1 officer / 10 gunnersNew York Loyalist Artillery - Light (21)
TOTAL 65 figures (50% = 33 figures)TOTAL: 20 SP's

Additional notes:
  • We'll be using our usual Will McNally AWI rules
  • No shooting or morale bonus/modifiers for the British/Hessian force
  • One C-in-C per side
  • Four foot square table
  • Hill is classed as "gentle"; river is classed as "Stream" (except for 6" either side of bridge which is impassable to all); ploughed field classed as "Rough ground"


  1. Vale John Corrigan - your little legions march on to eternity.

    1. CK - it was the very best way I could think of to remember him.. one of natures good guys...

  2. Very much looking forward to seeing the "Will McNally" AWI game in operation as I've never seen a "proper" AAR, but have read all good things.

    1. Steven - I've been playing them for getting on for I don't know how long, but there's a whole load here for your delectation...

  3. I like the idea of the commemorative game very much, and the derivation of the scenario is intriguing - excellent!

    Steve - this is not intended as a nag(!), but I sent you an email to your wargamer address - if you can get back to me I can get your prize sorted out!

    1. Foy - many apologies, you were in my spam folder - have replied.. :o))