Thursday, September 08, 2016

"One Hour Wargames" - Scenario 9 - "Double Delaying Action" - Setup

Colours [clicky] is at the end of this week (Saturday) and as a result DG is down, - his OAP purse bulging with spends - which gives us an opportunity for a game.. the first one since June so much anticipated...

Having spent humongous amounts of time re-basing the AWI collection this summer (and it is now 80% complete) I took a unilateral decision to give them a run out... 

For this game we will also return to my favourite scenario book of the moment, and this time we are going to play (the next) Scenario #9 "Double Delaying Action" which is based on the historical Battle of Wavre [clicky] during the 100 Days/Waterloo Campaign..

We'll use the Will McNally AWI rules that are my "go to" for this period - simple but effective, and a cunning casualty/morale mechanic..  more details on my project page [clicky]....

Forces will be standard sized - the scenario calls for six units a side..  If we finish early we always have the opportunity to play the scenario again. All arrival/reinforcement rules will be exactly as written in the book - and I'm not going to repeat them here, you need to buy the book as you'll not be disappointed anyway.. 

Force composition will be random using the following table which was based originally on the one in the book with the following period specific proviso's/addendums
  • artillery will always be "light" and never more than three pieces...
  • we ignore troop types that don’t apply to the period so columns are as per the following
  • the American War of Independence was not a cavalry heavy theatre so numbers are lower, and infantry numbers higher...
Which gets us to:
Die RollInfantryArtilleryLight 

In addition:
  • all unit morale modifiers will be 0 (for both sides) 
  • no National characteristic bonuses will apply for either side (ie. British firing/European Regulars in melee etc etc don’t apply) 
So each side will be totally equal except for the results of the randomised force generator....  

Table is as follows, north is the furthest edge - one hill, one wood, the road, a town, all other terrain is no penalty:

...side view.. north is left..

...bring it on 


  1. Hope you have a good time at Colours. We will be doing the set up tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. Do not forget there are things going on on all three floors.

    1. Simon, best of luck with the setup... DG and I have been every year for at least 15 years... well back in to hexagon days for sure .. Newbury though is such a good venue.. love the light... we'll be all over the three floors like a rash.. :-)

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  2. Steve, always enjoy your OHW scenario replays. Number 9 provides interesting tactical problems to both players. Looking forward to see how this plays out.

    1. Thanks Jonathan - having now played it I totally agree with you.. best one so far in mine and, I think, DG's opinion..

  3. Nice set up Steve, look forward to reading the write up. I really must try to get myself a copy of that book.

    1. Lee, you absolutely must.. it would be a really interesting project to mod the scenario's for Bolt Action... here you go:

      ...less than seven quid on Kindle, what are you waiting for?! :o)

  4. Looking forward to seeing how this goes. I bought OHW largely on the basis of how much fun it has brought you. I had to smile on seeing your table - do I recognise Bellona bridges. I have just put the complete one out for a game but it is not painted - after how many years I wonder? I think I shall have to delay the game to get it done. Thanks for the nudge.

    1. Hiya Jim - it is indeed the trusty Bellona bridge of yore... on the right you can see the ruined version as well.. :o) That bridge is a veteran.. I got it in '73 or '74 I think, when I was in Australia.. DG and I were reminiscing over some of the mighty actions that have taken place over it - must be hundreds

  5. I am sure you wouldn't want to mislead your avid followers Steve but I suspect the other bridge is the ruined version of Bellona's other small wargames bridge :-). This is one I did actually get round to painting. I bet you are beginning to wish you hadn't enabled me to make comments now. I hope you enjoyed the show.

    1. Ha! Not at all.. I had no idea there were two sizes.. it strikes me that it would be an interesting post to feature all the products that hallowed old company used to make... wish I had my old catalogues!