Sunday, October 30, 2016

ACW baggage completed....

So by way of a little change to the current diet of English Civil War, some stuff from the "other" Civil War..

You may remember [clicky] I was working on some wagons I picked up at Colours... so having put them together I undercoated..

...figures are from Newline part of their artillery caisson crew..

Damp brush with white.. a better base for lighter colours than pure black I've found..

...and then some paint brush butchery..  I actually like painting horses [clicky] and these were done same style as that old post...

Decided to go with butternut for the Confederate, both figures had the same colour for trousers (I assumed the Reb had just "appropriated" them at some time from a Yankee who 'no longer needed them'... ahem...), the Union trooper had my usual blue ink for kepi and jacket..

Wagons were a selection of dry brushes in various colours, washed all over with a nut brown W&N ink to tone it down..

I then gave it an all over spray of matt finish to tone down the shine (still not perfect - may have to give them some Dullcote at some time...) before finally flocking and adding terrain features..

Pleased with them for less than £4 each!


  1. Nice - do you use your W&N ink neat or diluted? I used Peat Brown and felt it over-powered the figure.

  2. Nice job. They look top notch.


  3. They look very good Steve. I'm interested in your use of inks, do you U/C black then 'damp brush' white before using the ink? Could be a very effective way of painting your ECW figures in the future as it seems to produce both shade and highlight! Worth experimenting with maybe?

  4. Norm - I use the W&N both neat and diluted depending on what I'm doing - it's a look and feel thing... if it's too dark neat then a wet brush dilutes in situ.. I have a small jar of the black pre-mixed with water for ease...

    Prufrock/Neil - thanks!

    Lee - you have it in one.. the Union figure was painted that way, and yes that is the effect - shading is "automatic"... this kind of gives a better view of the effect... I love it, very effective...

  5. Look really good Steve, and for £4 a pop who could argue.

  6. Very nicely done, and so beautiful on a table!

  7. David, thanks... I think the value is remarkable ... I've seen MDF kits without horse(s) for the same and I think these are far superior..

    Phil - cheers matey