Sunday, December 11, 2016

Good Lord...

...where did those two weeks go?? 

So time for a catch up...

First off - consider doing this - I have...

As a wargamer, and just generally inquisitive fellow, I must visit the site two or three times a day for information..  and while I accept that sometimes the information has to be taken with a pinch of salt (just as any book would to be honest) it is invariably a good primer, and will lead me to other sources..  no one ever thinks that there is a cost, but there always is in this modern day and age, and they're only asking £2/$3...  you know it makes sense...   

The English Civil War project is currently in stasis (it hardly had time to start!) but only because of lack of time - it's that time of the year... I have started to draft a set of rules though as I couldn't find anything commercial that floated the proverbial boat, I'll be using the Will McNally Seven Years war set (that I modified for the War of the Spanish Succession project) with lots of bits nicked from other sets ("Forlorn Hope" mostly I suspect)..  once I have a workable set of rules I'll have a basing method, and then I can start buying some troops... I also decided as part of a longer term strategy for the blog to lessen my reliance on Google,to host the project page elsewhere..  comments welcome here if it's not working for anyone.. bit of fun learning how to code HTML again.. 

Elsewhere, loft HQ, the scene of mighty tussles between DG and I over the ages, has perforce had a makeover - a new boiler has been installed in Chateau Steve the Wargamer, and as is the way of these things the installation guys persuaded the current Mrs Steve the Wargamer that the loft was the only place for it (and I am hardly one to argue), so as a result the wargame table has had to shift from one end of the loft to the other,which in turn has meant moving the painting table so that the wargame table could replace it... all is now done but that took a couple of weekends..

...the interloper...

I took the opportunity to move some strip lights to make better light for the wargame table, and as we'd recently had some better lights put in the kitchen I installed the old ones over the painting table to most excellent effect...

I was trying to figure out how old the wargaming table is.. I laughingly call it a "table" since it is in fact nothing of the sort, being just a six foot by four foot sheet of (very heavy) chip board with a couple of fold down legs on one long side, and a batten affixed to a couple of rafters on the other long side, with a hinged four by two to take it to 8 foot by four foot if required.. but DG and I have played untold numbers of games on it, and I reckon it must be getting on for twenty years old as I bought it with me from the old place, if only tables, errr, chipboard, could talk..

..can't wait to christen it in its new location, which is not likely to happen soon, so..

Lastly, DG and I are just about to launch on a play be email of scenario number ten from One Hour Wargames "Late Arrivals"...  we'll use Battle Chronicler [clicky] to get us going, but as soon as I have some spare time I think we'll shift to Skype if either DG's or my elderly broadband can take it..  more on this anon..


  1. I can see you have been busy Steve!

    On the subject of ECW rules, that's probably the one thing currently holding me back from doing the period again, Forlorn Hope were a set I played a lot back in the day and had some memorable games with my old Sealed Knot mates ('Blew' Regiment, London Trained Bands), but they seem a little dated now. Funny enough, the old WRG set (G Gush) were set I really enjoyed playing because the pike and musket blocks could be controlled independently, and it featured the 'Uncontrolled Advance' reaction test result that often sent your Royalist horse charging off without orders to do so. We used them for years and found we could play them quite fast and they gave a really authentic period feel. Could not get on with Warhammer ECW at all! Now funny enough I also really like 'Foy's ECW adaption for C&C, but I don't want to go back to hexes again.

    1. Hiya Lee - first step for me when starting a project... I may very well end up changing rule sets later into the project but the basing will remain as is so that first step is a fairly major one.. I like the idea of four bases to the regiment - not sure about numbers of ranks yet, but thinking three ranks of pikes/two of muskets... and if I go 20mm, I'll use the 50mm square bases I already use for the AWI project.....

      You should know me enough by now to know that for all the fact Foy is an inestimable fellow of the first water, I think his fascination with hexes is questionable to say the least... :o)

  2. Nicely re-organised. Since you'll be in proximity to the boiler have you go a carbon monoxide alarm nearby ?

    Good luck with writing your ECW rules.

    1. Hi Alan - I do indeed have an alarm... and a smoke one... and ta - nice to see someone cares about me.. :o)))