Friday, February 03, 2017

Bear with...

....normal service will be resumed just as soon as this irritating thing called "life" gets out of the way and gives me a breather... (and my English teacher told me never to start a sentence with so, but so what.. ) stay tuned for ....

the 13th Indiana are painted and ready to join the Union ranks - also spray coated - just need to base them and terrain the bases... oh, and tidy up the unit history to go with the post..

not knowing what has come over me the dhow has also received successive dry brushes of dustier and dustier brown - next step the boom and sail (lateen) and some minimal/basic rigging before it joins the forces of the Mhadi - almost 12 months after the last post [clicky].. 

I have also completed my first draft of the English Civil War rules I'll use - I gave up trying to find a commercial set, and have adapted the Will McNally SYW rules (that were also adapted/used for WSS) - they work for me and so I'm not going to lose any sleep over "trying something new"...  either way, with a basing decision made it's time to start thinking about purchasing some little metal men!

Proposed basing for the new ECW project... mass is for militia/clubmen/highlanders... for "hedgehog" read stand of foot preparing to 'receive horse'... horse will deploy in line or column - two figures per base, four bases per unit
DG and I have played the Late Arrivals scenario from One Hour Wargames almost twice now - the second game is on turn 9 (out of 15) - two very different games I think it safe to say! I'll put together a post on it soon...

Later's..  life is calling


  1. It always amazes me, just how many gamers write their own rules.

    1. Ray - in the old days we always did... it's only the youngsters who have got used to being spoon fed... :o)) My problem is that it's an expensive game these days to find a set of rules you like when they're 20 and 30 squids a pop...

  2. I'm glad you have settled on a set of rules to work to, I know what you mean about the price of rules these days, and they never seem to stop at one edition! I will be keen to follow this project to see how things work out for you. have you decided yet on manufacturer?

    1. Hi Lee - apologies for the delay in responding.. probably SHQ and Tumbling Dice, going to send off for some samples this week...