Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"Turn Left for Gibraltar" - a review...

My first "10 out of 10" of the year so I thought this warranted a post in it's own right....

For anyone with an interest in the submarine service in WWII these book are an absolute delight...  this is the third in a series that goes from strength to strength (in my view), and this is without a doubt his best to date..

The bulk of the action is set against the siege of Malta, but it takes up from end of the previous book where Harry had been serving in a Free French submarine in the Indian Ocean

He starts the book as a "prisoner" in a Spanish POW camp on Majorca (more accurately an internment camp as the occupants were free to move around) and how he gets there makes interesting reading....  following his escape to Malta he is assigned as navigating officer to one of the 10th Flotilla submarines, and following a successful mission is promoted to first lieutenant in another...

There's lots of gritty and dramatic description of submarine actions in the relatively shallow Mediterranean, and the increasingly difficult operational environment on Malta... the book is also very good on the mental/psychological costs of serving in such an environment where your friends disappear (dead) regularly, and the war seems never ending....

Absolutely superb - can't wait for the next one to come out....


  1. Looks like another Kindle purchase is in order!

  2. Just finished this after your recommendation. A cracking book.


    1. Guy, can't wait for the next one! PS. The one's before equally as good if you haven't read them yet..