Friday, June 16, 2017

"One Hour Wargames" - Scenario 12 - "An Unfortunate Oversight" - Setup

DG is down this weekend for a visit with his Gand-spuds, and as his way it would be churlish for him not to suggest a game, and likewise it would be churlish of me not to bite his arm off..

The visit is apposite as I've been thinking it's about time we played the John Corrigan Memorial game for the year, so for this visit we'll give the venerable veterans of the AWI collection a run out, and for the game I have turned to the next scenario in  the "One Hour Wargames" book (was ever £10 better spent??!) which is based on a river crossing via an undefended ford...

We'll use the Will McNally AWI rules that are my "go to" for this period - simple but effective, and a cunning casualty/morale mechanic..  more details on my project page [clicky]....

Forces will be standard sized - the scenario calls for six units a side..  If we finish early we always have the opportunity to play the scenario again.

There are no arrivals/reinforcements in this scenario - everything starts deployed on the table but I'm not going to repeat the specifics here, you need to buy the book. as you'll not be disappointed, anyway.. 

Force composition will be random using the following table which was based originally on the one in the book with the following period specific proviso's/addendum's
  • artillery will always be "light"...
  • we ignore troop types that don’t apply to the period, 
  • the American War of Independence was not a cavalry heavy theatre so unit numbers are lower and infantry numbers higher...
So columns are as per the following:
Die RollInfantryArtilleryLight 

In addition:
  • all unit morale modifiers will be 0 (for both sides) 
  • except for their Native American allies, no national characteristic bonuses will apply for either side (ie. British firing/European Regulars in melee etc etc., don’t apply) 
So each side will be totally equal except for the results of the randomised force generator....

.."before he dies, Magua will put his national characteristic bonuses under the knife, so the Grey Hair will know his seed is wiped out forever"...
Table set up is as per the book, but instead of a town I went with an improvised camp - all movement within the brown area is treated as if in a large "house" - so movement penalties while in it, and access and entry penalties to come in and out of it - modelling a busy camp with all the impedimenta you would expect disrupting movement...
The river/stream - only way across it is via the bridge and the ford (ruined bridge) in the distance - also the hill which is the whole point of the scenario...

Lastly the table as a whole:

We'll dice for sides on the night - and we'll also who attacks or defends...

Bring it on!


  1. Inviting looking table, Steve!

    I agree, OHW is a real bargain and money well spent.

    1. Jonathan - thanks.. and the book is indeed well worth diverting some beer tokens towards..

  2. I also grabbed a copy of OHW some time back on your recommendation, it's a great little book. Just checked out scenario 12, should make for an interesting game. I like those tents Steve.

    1. Thanks Lee - not sure where the tents came from .. Hovels, perhaps?

  3. Hope you enjoy your game Steve.

  4. I think OHW is one of the best buys out there for the historical gamer. I been using it with rules "as is" with the Dark Ages, and the scenarios for our Napoleonic games using Black Powder. I really like the uncertainty of not knowing which force you will have available for a game, until you've rolled for it on the table.

    1. Robert - agreed on all counts - and the rules are so easy to tinker with...

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