Friday, October 27, 2017

Holiday reading..

...the current Mrs Steve the Wargamer and I are bogging off to the sun for a week of late season warmth in Cyprus...   I have intentions of doing absolutely nothing (though I may wonder up the road for another look round the castle, and perhaps the archaeological diggings) but I have prepared a truly sumptuous reading pile...  these are all already loaded on the Kindle and I am having to restrain myself from starting early...

I have read this one a couple of times, and in fact still own the paperback (how quaint ) but have not read it in some considerable time, and having seen it at a stupidly low price  (£1.99!) when I downloaded the "Fools and Mortals" book it was a no-brainer...
Latest from the master story teller and I'm quite excited to read something that isn't about Uhtred..  also a bargain on Kindle at the moment only £7.90 for a book only just in print...
Mixed feelings about this one - hope it is better than the last one was (see book reviews)!
Very much looking forward to this one as well - this is the fellow who wrote the truly excellent alternative versions of the Robin Hood legend set in the historical period...  this one is a new series set in Restoration period England
Also quite interested in this one - anyone with a wargaming background will know CK - I'll be interested to see if he can tell as good a long story and he can the short one's! 

.. now lead me to my sun bed, and polish my glims...


  1. Some interesting reading Steve. Looks like I need a visit to stock up my kindle!

  2. Cheers Ray - CK's book looks interesting but I have to say the one I'm most looking forward to is the Angus Donald one... so... had any good beers recently? :o)

  3. Read "Oliver Wiswell," by Kenneth Roberts and enjoy some flip.

    1. Cheers Jubilo... read "Rabble in Arms" a long time ago and quite enjoyed it... have added it to the list