Thursday, March 01, 2018

"Mississippi River Gunboatsof the American Civil War" - a review...

Second gunboat book in a row..  there may be a trend..

As per the last book on the Sudanese gunboats, regular readers will know that I also have an interest in this theatre of war albeit, unlike the Sudan I have not only land forces but also a small naval contingent..

Written by Angus Konstam I thought this was an altogether better book than the Sudan one, not because the subject wasn't any more or less interesting, but purely down to the fact that Angus clearly had more to write about...

Like the Sudan book, there is a succession of sections on organisation of both sides (Union clearly ahead here), the design of the ships (torpedo, ram, cotton clad, tin clad, iron clad etc.) and how the nature of the war influenced the design, the ships (ditto the Union), operations, armament (bewildering range), and lists of the major/minor ships and potted history  of where and when they fought, and what the outcomes were...  a surprising number of the ships changed sides at one point in time or the other (even after sinking's) but the majority ended up beached, burned and destroyed...

Illustrations in this one were similar in coverage to the Sudan book, but I didn't think they popped off the page quite as much as the ones in the Sudan book..

What's not to like??!

Steve the Wargamer however rates this one 9 out of 10, purely for the depth and better details...


  1. Have you spotted the RDF loop on the Stirling Price yet? :)

  2. another stalled project ACW naval wargames purchased probably at the last Salute i went to in Chelsea Town Hall!