Sunday, September 16, 2018

Abundance Farm... Set Up

...this will be a kind of 'supermarket sweep' in force... 

With 'Colours' on this weekend, DG was down in my part of the woods to attend, and as is our want (we meet irregularly face to face these days, as DG is in Wales and I'm on the south coast) we exchanged emails on the subject of a game while he was down... we're also aware that we haven't yet played the John Corrigan Memorial game [clicky] this year so decision made, a return to the American War of Independence...

Next question, what scenario? I was toying with the idea of a flick through the older Grant scenario books as I liked the idea of continuing the old school theme of these games (and this is the seventh - where did those years go?), but I happened to be reading through the blogs I follow when I saw this post by Angus Konstam and the Edinburgh Wargame Club [clicky] of a game they'd had that week and was immediately taken with it.. job done..

So first off the map - and again the (original) map below is courtesy of Warlord Games and modified shamelessly by me…

The back story for the game is that both sides are about to go into winter quarters and so are looking for supplies to see them through the winter, when news reaches them of a significant supply of fodder and other food stuffs at Abundance Farm - a foraging party in strength is immediately ordered...

Forces will be diced for

Die RollInfantryArtilleryLight 

Entry points are noted – the order of march to be decided before the game and unit formation on entry is up to the player..


  • The farm is worth 6 points, and other hamlets in the area were worth either 1 or 3 points, depending on who holds them. 
  •  The two hills closest to the farm are worth 1 point each, while the hill overlooking the “T-junction” is worth three points. 
  •  Each side gains a point for every enemy unit lost/destroyed (a modification to this would be to count one point for each strength point lost by your opponent) 
Game length – 12 turns - from turn 13 throw 2D6 scoring 9 or ore for the game to end that move - for each subsequent move deduct one from the total needed (randomness being what it is you should get a game of 14 to 16 turns..)

We then diced for the sides and entry points and forces - DG won and chose the American's and then threw a 5 on the table - I threw a 3 which (other than 6), is probably the best force for this scenario..

Stay tuned for the game write up..


  1. Nice! I may pinch this idea for a game, if you don't mind?

    1. Ray I can hardly say no given I knicked it from Angus and Angus knicked it from Warlord.. :o)) b I look forward to seeing your game! One for the Rejects?

    2. For completeness, and recognising my sources, I am advised that this is the "La Granja de la Abundancia" scenario from the Albion triumphant booklet for Black Powder.

  2. Nice, looking forward to this, in the meantime I shall whip my Albion Supplement off the shelves for a mooch, in the hope that they too have done an AAR

    1. Norm - well worth checking out the Edinburgh wargames blog post as well (link in my post).. some nice figures on show as well...

  3. Looks really interesting .Looking forward to you battle report.

  4. Just what I needed for tomorrow’s War of 1812 game here in GHQ. Ta Muchly!

  5. Looking forward to your battle report.

    1. Thanks couple of days - just need to find the time to draft it