Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Warfare 2018

Time for the much anticipated, and look forwarded to, trip to Warfare at Reading. Not one of the biggest shows but there's always a nice vibe at this show, and I think this year was good, but perhaps not quite as good as previous years??  Still an excellent show and I shall be back next year..

Purchases were moderate, but included a bargain on the Bring and Buy of a pristine copy of 'Pike and Shotte' for a tenner, and then a first foray into the world of MDF buildings with the purchase of a 15mm European Terrace from 4Ground who were having a 25% off sale

Image shamelessly ripped from the web somewhere...

This will provide a much needed replacement for the home built, but venerable, terraces I currently use (see following)..

Shamelessly ripped from a previous blog post..

'Buying spree' over, it was on the to the games...  now Warfare is primarily a competition weekend, with added on traders and a few demo/participation  games so I've never expect to see jaw dropping, quality, games of the like you'd see at Salute or Partizan, but even so, I thought this year was a bit disappointing compared with previous years...  there were a lot of games on but not many of them were "wow!" Lots of rumpled base cloths, poor terrain/scenery, and none of that "fairy dust" that makes a game stand out... so this year, just a top two for me...

In second, despite the hexes () was this monumental offering by the Wyvern Wargamers [clicky]..  the "Battle of Varna 1444"

This was a previous offering at Salute [clicky], and the level of gloss shows...

All figures are from the 12mm Kalistra range, and the game also uses their hexes..

Game used the 'Hordes and Heroes' rules which are available free for download here [clicky]

Much more on the game at this excellent blog [clicky]..

...but in first place, a stand out clear winner for me...  Stalingrad in 28mm by the Earlswood Wargames Group

Simply stunning...

The guys were actively playing this as I took pictures - this is not some static diorama

The level of detail was stunning ..

Love the dice boxes to ensure the dice don't go shooting off somewhere...

Cracking show, good company, and a bargain - what more could you want??


  1. "Despite the hexes" ... who would have thought it Steve:)The sheer number of figures in that game certainly diverts the eye from the grid, amazing. As for the Stalingrad game, how stunning is that, I could spend ages looking at the superb detail in that terrain. Was it a Bolt Action game? It is of model railway layout quality. Glad you had a good day and took the plunge with mdf buildings, the 4ground buildings are in my opinion the best as pre coloured, you only need touch in the pegs, although I didn't bother. I bet you will be back for more of those in due course.

    1. Hi Lee - hexes... pah, may as well be playing a board game... :o) Stalingrad was a jaw dropper, but I couldn't see what rules they were using...

  2. You have to admire the enthusiasm at Warfare - I gather there were over 250 involved in the competition games. I actually thought there were a few more good looking "demonstration" games than normal this year ( liked the terrain on the Pirates game).

  3. Jeremy - the competition hall is an absolute hive... lot of people all having a good time.. just for once some of the competition games looked good this year as well - the Flames of War competition had a standout Pegasus bridge type scenario... the Pirate game won demo game of the show but I wasn't blown away by the terrain to be honest...

  4. Some mouthwatering games Steve!

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