Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Replacement terrace..

Even more points on the painting tally for 2019..  the uninterrupted 5 or 6 hours on Christmas day was a blessing indeed!

So this is the 4Ground 15mm Terrace from the Europe at War range [clicky] which I picked up for a bargain price at Warfare in November

I am not well practised at making complex kits and I would say that on first opening the fairly chunky/weighted pack, the sight of all those sprue's in multiple colours was a little off putting, but with sharp knife, PVA glue, and a fine brush to apply it I set to...

The instructions are pretty good on the whole - there are a few typo's but they're easy to spot if you also go with the diagrams and step by step photo shots of the parts required... 

Start with the ground level - once you have the hang of this the other levels are more of the same and go quicker...  basically you make the inner shell first, and then the outer - pre-painted - surfaces go on top of that.... the passage through to the back...
Move on to second level - 4Ground advise gluing the tabs where the various parts (literally) click together, but I assembled and then ran a brush load of PVA along the joins - wiping off any excess...

..the colouring is very effective - I really liked the brown shading round the window recesses..
...and then perhaps the most complex bits, which are the roof sections - especially the one with the dormer windows, which needed a little trimming before I could fit them...

These and both floor levels, are removable so you can access the inside of the building to place troops..with window sills and lintels for each window also glued in - initial build was done... took about an hour and a half??

Fit of the parts was amazing - very impressed...

Once that was done I went on to do minimal detailing - with a thin ink wash I painted the inside of each room with a unique colour... I also stuck down a stip of paper to conceal the makers mark just because I thought it looked better - pretend it's a carpet..

..used the same colours on both floors ..

...then finally, my pet (only??) hate with MDF buildings is the tabs that stick through after construction..  I matched the colours on the paint dish and then just dabbed in the colour on the end of the tab to conceal...  I had thought about making small "tile" out of paper to stick over the tab to conceal it completely but the size required is so small that the paint concealer works well enough...

Just waiting for the invader to take possession!

Chuffed to nuts with those - I'd like to make some more of them - I note they have a really nice 15mm scale European windmill and I've always wanted one of those for my Marlburian set up!


  1. Fine job on those buildings Steve.

    1. Thanks David.. it practically built itself to be honest...

  2. Nice work. I agree on disliking the tabs, but you have done a nice job blending them into the roof. I have built quite a few MDF buildings and despite their drawbacks they are still great for gaming.

    1. Codsticker, they sure are.. I can see more on the horizon..

  3. Hi Steve, great job, it's an easy matter to match up the 'pegs' so they don't show as you have done. I think the 4Ground buildings are the best of the MDF kits as pre coloured, expensive, but produce really nice models. 'Mad Tin Hatter' (Jamie) has built entire Normandy villages using them and they look most impressive when used like that. I sold all mine to him!

    1. Cheers Lee... I remember seeing those on Jamie's blog some time ago..! I will definitely be getting more, in fact it's a necessity now I bought one as the other stuff don't fit the same style! :o)