Thursday, April 04, 2019

"One Hour Wargames" - Scenario 18 - "Counter Attack" - Setup

Amidst all this painting (and also on a slightly larger scale elsewhere [clicky]) and preparing for the ECW project, two things of note should be mentioned..

One, this weekend coming is SALUTE in the UK, the nations biggest wargame show (allegedly), and after a three year hiatus, Steve the Wargamer will be attending, tickets are bought..

Two, one of the reasons for going (and I had tickets last year and didn't end up going for one reason or another - lethargy, mostly) is that DG is also attending after the same three year hiatus, always more pleasant to wander a wargame show with a mate so you can swap anecdotes, let them know things you've seen they haven't and vice versa, so there is more than a chance I may actually make it this year, and dare I say it, I'm quite looking forward to it...

The other thing of course, is that because DG lives in deepest darkest Wales, up a mountain, the easiest way for him to attend the show is to visit his daughters family and grandchildren who live not far away from me, and if he's going to do that it would be damn foolish not to fit in a game..

DG contacted me earlier this week and asked what period we wanted to play, so I gave him the opportunity and he replied 'American War of Independence'..  it occurred to me that this would be an ideal opportunity for the 2019 John Corrigan Memorial game [clicky] as I might not get to see DG again in any reasonable amount of time.  Thoughts turned to scenario's and I've returned to the 'best ten pound I ever spent book' and in our gentle meander through the scenario's we are now at #18 "Counter Attack" - it looks interesting, so that will be the game for the evening..

Scenario setup will be as per the book (go buy it, by the way ... it's remarkable value at less than £7 on Kindle at the moment) except for the following..
  • forces will be diced for on the random table, but will be rolled for twice - so 12 units a side
  • any rolls of 'two cavalry' will have one cavalry swapped for a line infantry - it was a cavalry light war so its is more realistic
  • any artillery will be "light"
  • no national characteristics will apply, no morale bonuses.. 
Table as follows..

Primary terrain features for the scenario are the bridge and the "town"..

I diced for forces ahead of the game and both sides threw the same dice so forces are (against all the odds!) identical and comprise:
  • 8 Line Infantry Battalions
  • 1 Light Infantry Battalion
  • 1 Cavalry Regiment
  • 2 Guns (according to the random table that should be three guns, but I think that may be a bit artillery heavy, so I swapped one for infantry)
Scenario is supposed to be 15 moves long but I'll play that by ear as a move in my rules only represents approximately 10 minutes - winner is the side that controls the bridge and town..


  1. I have just checked out scenario 18 and the special rule for the two fords looks like bringing an interesting dynamic.

    1. Norm, I toyed with the idea of not telling DG about them and I would play the side with the knowledge, but I had second thoughts.. LOL!

  2. As always, I look forward to seeing how this plays out. Enjoy Salute.

    1. Cheers Jim - stay tuned! PS. "On Blogger since February 2019"?! Very well done.. :o)

  3. Enjoy Salute! No longer for me, but each to their own. I hope the game goes well I look forward to the report.

    1. David - I do sympathise with a number of the Bloggers who have said that it's not for them because of the obvious reasons.. but every three years may be doable.. we'll see.. not my favourite show - I like the smaller one's - but for sheer spectacle you can't beat it..