Saturday, September 07, 2019

Col. James Wardlowe's (or Wardlow's) Dragoons.. part the second..

...bit of a delay - but better late than never, here are the dismounted version of  Col. James Wardlowe's (or Wardlow's) Dragoons as previously depicted here [clicky]

Eight dismounted dragoons in open order, and a base to represent the horse holder/mounting point, for the transition of the regiment from mounted to dismounted and vice versa..

Mixed bag of figures in this regiment...  Peter Pig, and the last of that small batch of Minifigs I picked up on eBay (which I really like - think I am going to have to add some more Minifgs in the next batch of purchases..)

Horse holder is a spare from the War of the Spanish Succession spares box, as are a couple of the horses..

Pleased with those, and a fine way to spend the day, on a day when normally I'd have been at Colours...   chose to spend the day doing these and spending the petrol and entry money I would have spent on postage for a few wargaming based interweb purchases.. 

Next on the painting sticks - a much needed regiment of foot for the Royalist cause...  once they're done then Murdock and others get their wish and I'll hold a review..

So - horseholder, horses, and eight dismounted dragoons painted August 2019.