Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dawn Attack - Moves 3 to 5

Move 3:

Confederate movement:
  • South-western column - gets a “tardy” dice throw (half movement) and slow progress continues..
  • Eastern column – clearly the performance of the south-west column is catching as they to throw a tardy result, but this is enough to allow them to capture one of the Union outposts.
Union movement:

Things on the Union side begin to start moving and shaking....

The first outpost jumps the barricade into the redoubt (the first grid square) containing the gun – the gun is not manned so no reaction throw is required..

The second outpost scouting the south-western column reaches the camp limits, as does the lone outpost scouting the east column.

All being well at least one of the outposts will start raising the alarm next turn.

Move 4:

Confederate movement:
  • South-western column - picks up the pace with a well handled result – my plan is to march across the front of the camp so as to shake into line with plenty of room to deploy..
  • Eastern column – also gets a “well handled” result – same plan…
Union movement:

  1. The first outpost (A/. hereafter) runs into the buildings (4.) where the gun crew is sleeping and blurts out the alarm. They throw a “7” on 2D6 resulting in a “Horses retained but guns cannot be moved” result, but the “Gunners move to man gun”.

  2. The second outpost (B/. hereafter) scouting the south-western column, enters the camp in grid A3.

  3. The lone outpost scouting the eastern column (C/. hereafter), enters the camp in grid A1.

Move 5:

Confederate movement:
  • South-western column - continues the pace with another well handled result – I’m almost at the point where I want to move into line..
  • Eastern column – also gets a “tardy” result – just coming in line with the farmhouse
Union movement:
  1. Having alerted the gun crew the outpost then moves into 7/. to alert the first half of the 14th Indiana sound asleep in their tents (two bases/four stands)
  2. Moves from A3 to building 3/. where he alerts those elements of the 8th Ohio asleep there (two bases/four stands)
  3. Moves from grid A1 and into 2/. To alert the other half of the 8th Ohio (three bases/six stands)
Not surprisingly then the camp is beginning to buzz!

I placed the brigadier in the house (3/.) with the 8th Ohio; I’m allowing him free movement to decide what he wants to do… for the others, there was a lot of dice throwing, and on the assumption a picture is worth a thousand words – here’s what’s happening:

The blue dices represent the outposts moving through the camp, grid by grid… starting on the left then we have

C/. Alerting the 8th Ohio – three bases – one of them got a deploy immediately result and I put them on the table – the two other bases are obviously groggy and have got wait two turns and test again results (bases stay on the map, the yellow dice indicates the turn to the next action – I turn them over each turn so that way I only have to make a note of the action, not when it happens)

B/. Alerting the 8th Ohio – two bases – one of them has a “1” he’ll deploy out of the camp next turn – the other has a “wait two turns result”

A/. Alerting the 14th Indiana – two bases – both of them have a “wait two turns result” the error - the gun crew were not actually there, they deployed in the previous turn. Scuba Site


Stay with us for turn 6!


  1. Very "kewl" night shots. 2 d10/2? interesting! But back to the game.

    Oh for a bugler blowing "Alarm!" or a Drummer, beating the long roll. Oh well, all heck should be breaking out shortly anyway.

  2. I'm really impressed with the way you have done your AAR. Lifting the bar in wargame blogging.