Sunday, September 05, 2010

Dawn Attack - Move 6 to 9..

Not wanting to bore you all rigid with the turn by turn mechanics of how the game unfolded, I'm switching to a more narrative style..

So when we left off in the previous post, it is sufficient to say that the hornets were soon buzzing in the Union camp - some Union troops were deploying, others were still stirring, and in the interim the Confederate troops were forming and beginning to approach the camp..

End Move 6

In turn 7, one Confederate regiment (2nd Virginia) was still in march column and heading north, with the camp to the east - there orders were to try and disrupt any Union troops leaving the camp from forming. The other regiment in the brigade (4th Virginia) had deployed into line and moved towards the (now manned) Union gun in the redoubt.. a charge was declared, but in the Union firing phase somewhat amazingly the Union gun threw a 9 - with other bonuses it was enough to bring them screaming to a halt, and the first casualties of the game were scored... one up to the Union. Elsewhere, the Confederate 5th Virginia regiment had entered the Union camp via the road...

End Move 7

The Union artillery continued to provide stirling service and continued to keep the Confederate infantry at bay - I threw a nine in move 7, but I threw a 10 in move 8! Now you may remember that DG and I use two D10, and divide the result by two when playing regimental Fire and fury, rather than using a single dice - so yes, I threw two 10's! Happily, I also got away (by 1) with not getting a low on ammunition result..

End Move 8

Both sides continue to deploy and, the Confederate infantry on the road have deployed into line.. the 4th Virginia still haven't managed to get past the gun but have managed to silence it on at least one turn...

End Move 9

Third blood to the Confederates as the 5th Virginia on the road cause there first casualties to the Union infantry... the Union troops however are beginning to form...

Stay tuned!!


  1. Stirring stuff indeed! That Union artillery crew must be getting a little apprehensive with all that grey around them. Looking forward to more.


  2. Good stuff old chap - delighted to see the Federals doing well.

  3. Very interesting AAR. Waiting to see the ending