Monday, September 06, 2010

Dawn Attack - Move 10

Very definitely a key move - but I'm not completely sure yet for who (although I have my suspicions!)

The following shows the position at the end of move 10, and it should be clear that some fairly major actions have taken place..

Starting in the top right we have the action at the redoubt where the gun has done sterling service for the Union to now, but whose luck finally broke this turn allowing the 4th Virginia to storm over the top of the breastwork, "a screamin' and a hollerin' fit to bust"... In rules terms, a poor dice throw by the artillery resulted in a disordered result on the Confederate infantry, but not sufficiently strong enough to check them. In the ensuing melee, despite the bonuses for being in the redoubt, they are outnumbered and unsupported, and the gun is abandoned...

In the next part of the move (the Union movement phase) the other Confederate regiment (the 5th Virginia) turned half the ranks and a devastating volley resulted in the crew being dispersed permanently...

In the middle, the Union 8th Ohio regiment has formed enough ranks to try and advance on the other face of the 5th Virginia, but neither side is strong enough to get a telling result from the firing.. You'll note that the Union regiment has a little black flag next to it - I use double stands for my Regimental Fire and Fury bases, a black flag indicates one of the stands is dead - the next casualty will then result in a full base being removed...

Last of all, we have the other melee in the bottom left - now this turned out to be immense fun. In the Confederate movement phase the 2nd Virginia charged home on the Union regiment as the 14th Indiana were unable to stop them by firing (shades of the artillery engagement). The first round of the melee resulted in a dead draw, and an immediate second round of melee, which this time the 2nd Virginia won - causing the 14th Indiana to go tumbling back in some disorder.

End of this round of the melee - both regiments disordered, both lost a stand, but the 2nd Virginia hold the ground, and the moral victory (??).

In the Union movement phase, the 14th are reinforced by one of their arriving bases, and charge home again - the 2nd Virginia hold their fire for the cold steel bonus. In the ensuing melee the 14th Indiana are again sent tumbling back - a further stand lost results in a whole base being removed. Laurels to the 2nd Virginia...

Now that's what I call an action packed move - and in real terms that represented 15 minutes of action. In game terms the action so far has represented two and a half hours. Quite realistic I think..


  1. Told you those artillery looked nervous....! I suspect the Rebs may carry the morning!