Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Dawn Attack - Move 11

Another action packed move - I'm exhausted....

In their move the Confederate's spent some time consolidating - having dealt with the gun, the 4th Virginia deployed into march column with a view to moving up the left flank, outside the camp, to support the 2nd Virginia..

In the town, despite a desperate volley the two bases of the Union 8th Ohio regiment who had managed to gather, were unable to check the 5th Virginia who crashed home with so much force they later said it could be heard in Richmond... the two bases of the 8th Oh. were destroyed, and the regiment is now "worn".... (Regimental Fire and Fury uses opposed die rolls for melee - the difference once modifiers had been applied was +9 to the 5th Vg.!)

To the north of the camp the 2nd Vg. were doing very nicely thank you... shades of the previous move as they clash again with the 14th Indiana forcing them back again for the loss of another stand, but the 14th are reinforced this turn to bring them up to strength again... the move ends with an exchange of gun fire with the Union dismounted cavalry (you'll note that in the following I've allowed the surviving Union outposts to serve in their original capacity as dismounted cavalry)

Positions then are as follows:

I suspect the end is in sight, but despite what appears to have been a relatively easy Confederate victory (so far!! ) this was only because they have been consistently lucky on the dice rolls!


  1. Hi Steve,

    Is that cotton wool that you're using for the gun smoke effect ? I've never thought about using it before but your blog has given me a cunning plan !

    Thanks for sharing the pic,
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  2. A lot of action... It is very interesting!

  3. Thanks chaps - Sigmar - you could use cotton wool, but that stuff I'm using is sheep wool in it's untreated form. My regular wargaming opponent DG lives in Wales, and picks it up from the barbed wire fences on his walks - it's perfect as it's off white...

  4. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Steve.

    I guess I'll have to stick with cotton wool there are not too many sheep where I live :D (London) Although, I could try to capture one of the many local cats - if I can find a white one ;-)

    All the best,

  5. Hi there. Somewhat off topic given your current battle, but I've followed your 15mm WSS project with great interest and am just in the process of dusting down my own modest 15mm Dixons collection for a run-out using the new Black Powder rules. These rules call for casualty markers and I was wondering if you had come across any dead/wounded figures in any of the figure ranges which you used/considered for your armies?

  6. Hi Richard nothing wargaming/beer/music or sailing related is off topic here... :o)

    I've not seen them up close but my research indicates Irregular do a 15mm casualty figure in their Marlborough catalogue...

    "MA31 General purpose casualty figure"