Friday, March 30, 2007

The drums of war are beating..

As mentioned previously, my trusty (or should that be rusty?!) wargaming buddy Darrell is coming over this weekend, and I've been hard at work running up a scenario.. in the end it wan't too hard, as all I had to do was visit my own Teasers page. After an enjoyable hour or so reminding myself of the contents of the various teasers I have listed, I ended up choosing the "Advance Guard" teaser as the subject of our action..

The table has been set:

The scenario has been set in the American War of Independance (purely to allow me to use the newly paintend Saintonge regiment, and a piece of terrain I picked up at Salute last year - the hay barn in the picture on the left).

The objectives for the scenario are for each side to try and grab the other sides objective, whilst taking every opportunity to also give them a "damn good thrashing".... the battery in the digital camera is on charge, so hope to post some pictures and a report soonest.

What with the game on Sunday, and a beer festival tomorrow (my first trip to Portchester beer festival - which happens to be in the village hall, just up the road from the Roman castle), I'm really looking forward to this weekend! J

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  1. Okay, I'm eagerly awaiting your photos and write-up on this battle.

    Good looking, interesting terrain by the way. I like it.

    -- Jeff