Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dervish Cavalry...

As promised, and as a welcome break I'm sure from all the battle field wordage recently, some pictures of the recently completed Dervish cavalry... these are Peter Pig 15mm figures from the Patrols in the Sudan range.

Also, some pictures of the small batch of British infantry that I completed at the same time. As I've mentioned before, I paint for the wargame table, and this tends to be very obvious when you look at them close up, and none more so than in the case of these guys, who look great (nb. "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"!) from tabletop distance, but dreadful close up! J

I'm not too happy with the figure quality - they're fragile and I've had two or three break at the ankle, but the scultping is not too good either - and a good sculpt is a requirement for my painting style which relies a lot on dry brushing and washes ie. I need a well defined surface to get the quality.

These are Lancashire Games 15mm's that I bought a number of years ago as the start/basis for the project. They were very cheap, and I think this shows... having said that, I bought a big bag of Dervish foot from them at the same time and I really like those..

Separately I've just taken delivery of John Tincey's book on Sedgemoor (eBay comes to the rescue again) and I've just found a scenario in the batch of Practical Wargame magazines I bought, for the skirmish at Philip St Norton (just before Sedgemoor)... I'll feed back on these as I read and digest...

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