Sunday, May 27, 2007

An excursion in the colonies....

Wet and drizzly weekend here in the UK, must be a public holiday weekend… oh, it is! J Not complaining though - weather like this is perfect for wargaming (when isn't it though??!) so not having played for sometime I set up the table for a re-fight of a little set to I had a number of years ago when playing a solo campaign in the AWI period.

Basically, the campaign was set on a small island where the Americans were conducting secret talks with a high ranking French official. The British were charged with capturing him, and to do this landed troops on the island, but only had a limited period of time to complete the operation.. The battle following was the culmination of the campaign, and I fancied seeing if I could reverse the result from the last time it was fought.

Feel free to follow the links to my AWI pages for a fuller description but in summary history was repeated, rather than changed, and as per the last time after a bitterly fought battle with the bayonet the British were triumphant again.. although suffering 25% casualties - great fun...

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