Friday, July 20, 2007

...busy weekend coming up!

....bit worrying really, but having just checked Grimsby Mariners blog (see link left), we seem to be embarked on entirely (and coincidentally) similar weekends....

..first off, it's Harry Potter weekend in the UK (and I guess that it's the same all over the world) with the last book in the series being released at one minute past midnight this evening... personally I can't wait as I'm a great fan but I do understand how this may not be a moment of excitement for some! I came quite late to the books, but my little one's have always been really keen on the films so I got caught up in the whole drama that way - then a couple of years ago my Dad gave me volumes 1 to 3 in a box set for Christmas, and I was hooked.... so, as I say, I shall be queued up with the rest of humanity, albeit at a slightly more civilised time - and I shall also start to read it immediately.... I'm guessing that this may be the one that my little'uns will also want to read, so I'll have to hide it somewhere until I've finished...! no surprises there, and you may now be wondering at this point why my weekend is so especially similar....

...well on Sunday we too are (also) going to see the fourth Harry Potter film at the cinema, also as a family, and (even more frighteningly) my mum is coming with us - so although not my mother in law, she is my other half's mother in law, and this may explain my worry at how similar are life paths are this weekend!!J

While (kind of) on the subject of books, in addition to the last volume of Harry Potter, I also got the following (left) last weekend which I'm also quite excited about as it is set against a background of the War of the Spanish Succession, is by a writer I quite enjoy (he also wrote "Four Days in June" which was about the Battle of Waterloo, but from the particular perspective of a number of the actual participants) and is in the style of, quick intake of breath, "Sharpe" .. I know, it sets very high expectations, so I hope I'm not disappointed.... this is the first of a series, and covers off events surrounding Blenheim.. link to the book on Amazon here

Separately, and on the wargaming front..
  • I've half finished the basing of the figures painted last weekend - figures are now on the bases, all that needs finishing is the flocking and groundwork - then I'll put some pictures up...
  • I also finished off some artillery this week (for the Sudan), this comprises a couple of Krupp guns, and a couple of the smaller Screw Guns that they used to transport, dismantled, by donkey or camel... before I can finish them though I need gun crews - so it may be time to spend some pennies with Mr. Pig.... my plan is to make the bases so that the crews are on separate bases to the guns, but so that they slot in jigsaw style. Both sides used the same guns throughout the war - the Dervish guns being captured - so with the separate bases I can paint enough gun crews, that both sides could use all the guns (if the scenario calls for it)
  • Lastly, I finally (long story) took delivery yesterday of a further three 15mm houses suitable for use in my Marlburian set-up. Absolutely lovely pieces, very reasonably priced, but an absolute mare of a transaction - the seller is on eBay and communication (I find) is always difficult using their contact the buyer function, then the invoice was incorrect, and then the parcel took three and a half weeks to arrive (and that was first class!)... but they're here now.... and thoughts are turning to town based scenario's!

Last of all, and not least, we piled through 2000 visitors the other day.... thanks!!!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the book and film as much as I did.

    Not heard of Man of Honour before. Must look out for this one. Thanks for the heads up.