Tuesday, July 17, 2007

..the fruits of my weekend labours... (part 2)

...well I did say it was a weekend conducive to painting! Suffice to say that after finishing IR von Donop I then moved on to one of the other items on my list of projects; this was to complete the figures required for the British Camel Corps in the Sudan - these are they, though as before these are pre varnish/basing, and still on their painting sticks... and apologies for the sorry state of my painting table which there is a limited view of in the background!

..these are the last of the 15mm Peter Pig figures I bought at Salute... and returning to the topic of painting and sculpt type - being more attuned to my painting style, I find the design of the Peter Pig figures makes them a joy to paint.. admittedly it's a limited palette of colours, but I think the end result is quite nice when you consider these guys took me no more than an hour to complete... yeah, yeah, it shows...

1 comment:

  1. Nice work.

    You're painting table is at least a table. My painting tray is...well a tray! I'll graduate to something with four legs shortly!