Wednesday, October 24, 2007

..The Ambush Scenario - The Game - Part 1..

…so without further ado, here’s how the game transpired… one final note, in rules terms each complete move represents about 20 minutes, this is made up of two part moves where in the first part one moves and the other fires, and in the second part they swap about…

Move 1
The British advance guard (1st of the 16th) enters the table and successfully scouts the broken ground at 7. (no–one there) but not that at 8. (failed dice throw). As they are at least a foot on to the table (NB. 15” minimum ahead of the main column..) the Americans test whether they trigger the ambush, but cool minds prevail and they hold their fire.. (dice throw less than 7!)

End move 1 - the 1st/16th in the distance, the main body enters the table Light Infantry to the fore, and then the Fusiliers...

Move 2
The British continue to advance down the road, the advance guard again does not successfully scout the rough ground at 8, and the British main force begins to enter the table. By the end of the move the British 24th Light Infantry and the Welch Fusiliers are on the table plus the first wagon..

This is obviously too tempting a target for the Americans and in their turn they trigger the ambush..!

Turning over the cards, it reveals the following American units in each of the respective ambush poisitions..

  • The 4th Dragoons – point 6/.
  • Saintonge Regiment – point 2/.
  • Massachusetts Militia - 4th Battalion (Light) – point 4/.
  • Green Mountain Boys - 1st Battalion – point 3/.

It’s an interesting deployment and for me as the solo player it gave me a couple of interesting conundrums. For the time being though, the American plan is for all units except the French to converge at the head of the valley opposite the bridge, where they will try and stop the British. The French will either join them there, or otherwise, depending on what the British do (and being also the British I can confirm I didn’t really have a clue what that would be at that particular moment!)

Move 3.

The British light infantry head quickly for the broken ground at 7. with the intention of cutting off the French from any attempt at a flank attack. The rest of column moves forward as quickly as their wagons allow. The rear guard (the 2nd of the 16th) moves up to the head of the column to assist the advance guard…

The Americans continue with their plan; in the first engagement of the battle the American cavalry charges the British advance guard – they need to drive them off before they are reinforced with their colleagues from the after guard!

In the ensuing engagement, the British cavalry fire but without effect (must be surprised with the speed of the US attack!) They recover enough, however to stand against the charge (though not enough, to counter charge!). .

In the melee the two units fight each other to a standstill, and both withdraw to recover neither side having suffered significant casualties…. not the best result for the Americans.

Postion end move 3 - American cavalry draw breath, Militia in the near distance and behind them the Green Mountain Boys...

Move 4

An hour has passed in real time, and the British continue to advance, the 2/16th move into line behind 1/16th who stand following the re-buff from the melee in the previous turn.

The 17th Foot (in column of march) move up alongside the wagons to move towards the head of the convoy.

The Light Infantry occupies the rough ground at 7/.

Realising that they can’t make any difference on this side of the engagement, and in the face of the British Light Infantry – the French regiment disengages. Deploying in column of march, it moves around the end of the hill to the end of the valley so as to provide support and assistance to the Green Mountain Boys. The Militia halt in line between the hill and the river preparing to sell themselves dearly… the American cavalry charges again – time is running out!!

True to form the British firing again fails to have any significant effect, but this time in the face of the more aggressive enemy the British cavalry breaks and runs! Flushed with their success the US cavalry attempted to exploit the breakthrough, but were brought to a crashing halt by some slightly more effective musketry from the 2/16th..

...and with that - we break until part 2... bit like "Batman" when we were kids, isn't it..?! J


  1. Same BAT TIME

    Interesting that I am planning to use a 'teaser' at a local game convention this winter...

    must consider putting together some commentary regarding it all.

    Might even be time to get onto YOU TUBE?

    Your minis look great!

  2. Grrrr . . . I never did have patience with the "cliffhangers" I saw as a kid . . . I guess that I haven't grown up much.

    -- Jeff