Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The "Ambush" scenario played solo...

...realising that my regular opponent, DG, was not going to be down in my area in the near future, and suffering from an intense need to push some lead on the table, I decided I couldn't wait and went for a solo attempt at the "Ambush" teaser that I've just obtained. The following is the account of how it went... a very enjoyable game all round...

..first, some setup details/scenario rules and stuff...

this is the table set-up (you can click on to for a bigger view)...


..I used the Horse and Musket organisations from the scenario; which transcribed as follows:

American (The Ambush Party)

Cavalry: 4th Dragoons
Line Infantry: Saintonge Regiment
Light Infantry: Massachusetts Militia - 4th Battalion (Light)
Line Infantry: Green Mountain Boys - 1st Battalion


Line Infantry: 17th Foot
Light Infantry: 24th Light Infantry
Line Infantry: 23rd Foot (Royal Welsh Fusileers)
Cavalry: 1/16th Light Dragoons
Cavalry: 2/16th Light Dragoons
Two Wagons

..all troops were regulars with the exception of the American Militia. In order to ensure the game wasn't too lopsided I also made the American units over strength (5 points instead of 6), in order to even up the sides.

Tips for playing solo

(I would recommend a read of the teaser in question as the following will then become clearer.. J

I decided who was in which ambush point by random – I had eight blank cards, four marked with the available American units – shuffled, and then placed face down on each point..

In terms of triggering the ambush – the road was 5’ long from entry edge to the bridge, so I decided to roll for the start. In summary, as the first British unit passed each foot mark, on their turn, the Americans throw 2D6 – the ambush is triggered on a 7 or more. The dice are modified as follows:

· 1 foot – add 1 to the dice
· 2 foot – add 2 to the dice
· 3 foot – add 3 to the dice
· 4 foot – add 4 to the dice
· 5 foot – add 5 to the dice

I kept the discovery roll for the broken ground area's at 7. & 8. Basically, a 4,5 or 6 on a D6 means that any troops remain undiscovered. (You might want to consider a distance modifier as well?? Perhaps only throw when within a foot…?)If they were discovered, then you also do the additional die roll for how long before the main ambush they are spotted. This will also nullify the need to continue rolling for when the ambush is triggered..

Special rules for wagons:

· The wagons can only move on the road.
· Damage - each wagon is worth a number of strength points (4 each). Hits are inflicted in the usual manner. Once the wagon gets to half points it moves at half rate. Once it gets to 0 points it is stopped.
· If a wagon is immobilised or destroyed, no other vehicle may pass it. It then requires one full move period with assistance for the wagon to be man handled off the road to allow other wagons to pass.
· Infantry or Cavalry can assist wagons by man handling them to overcome damage - a unit doing this needs to be next to the wagon for one move and can 'donate' strength points from their roster to the wagon roster (which represents the loan of man/horsepower)..
· Wagons suffer the usual morale tests (so can rout), but ignore the retire result instead they just stop where they are.

British – Order of march

Head of column – 1/16th Light Dragoons – who were to operate 15” ahead of main force (minimum) until any enemy were spotted.. followed by..
24th Light Infantry ..then
23rd Foot (Royal Welsh Fusileers) ..then
The two wagons ..folowed by..
17th Foot and finally..
2/16th Light Dragoons

British Winning Conditions:
Two wagons over the bridge is a victory
One wagon over is draw
No wagons over is a defeat...

So how did the game go...? Read on, in part 2.... J


  1. Steve,

    You "teaser" . . . you mean that we have to wait until you post part two?

    Cruel you are, sir. Cruel.

    -- Jeff (grinning)

  2. I am also waiting for the tale... I plan to play that teaser solitaire in Germany 1813...

  3. I agree with the other gents. Nice to read that teaser again and as a solo gamer(mostly)I will be interested to see what happens. Nice terrain again.