Saturday, November 10, 2007

...just a quick update to announce that there are some more new Teasers added to the web page (March/August and December '78)... I've also updated the way they are presented as it makes it easier to see which one's I have, which one's are on the way, and which one's are new... I can confirm however, that as a result of the recent influx, I now have the full series, and that there were seventeen Teasers in total.... it's a bit of a complicated piece of HTML so if anyone finds a broken link let me know..

..the poll has also come to a close and many thanks for those who voted - much appreciated - not surprising perhaps given the scope of the evil empire (Microsoft, not Games Workshop! J) the majority of people wanted WORD format so I've stuck with that... what I will do however, is put them up in other formats over time once I find a better/decent file hosting site...

...painting has gone on a storm over the last few days, and I can confirm that as soon as they're based, I'll be putting up pictures of the latest British cavalry to join the ranks of Marlborough's allied army - these are painted as a squadron of Woods horse - green facings - using the Freikorps figures I bought at the Colours show a couple of months ago...

..I'll also put up some pictures of the now completed artillery limbers, and the camel train... on the painting list is another squadron of British or Dutch cavalry to finally bring the allies up to equal strength with the French (after their recent acquisition of the two units of Cuirassiers); a herd of cows (15mm - found them in the corner of my waiting to paint box) which I have an idea would make a fine scenario; and a couple of small wagons (same scale and corner of the box)... and next weekend is one of my favourite UK shows - it's Warfare at Reading and I have a shopping list... definitely all fired up!J


  1. Hi
    The link for the Februry'78 teaser does not work. The downloaded file can not be open
    Thanks a lot for the heavy work.

  2. I'm looking forward to those pictures.

    -- Jeff

  3. Steve, I'd be happy to host the teasers in PDF for you (and, of course, give full credit to you and links to your site.) You don't even have to convert them, I can do that myself.

  4. Rafa - I think my hosting site must have been having problems as when I checked that Teaser was OK...

    Miniwargamer - many thanks for the offer, but I think I have a solution - I'll give you a shout if it doesn't work out...

  5. Steve, here's another way to handle the teaer storage:

    This is an online doc storage site and has a free account option.