Saturday, November 10, 2007

...Camel artillery and limbers in the Sudan... promised some pictures of the recent Sudanese additions..

Firstly, the camel artillery train for the Desert column.. all 15mm - camels and attendants are Peter Pig, the screw gun is also Peter Pig but I had to cut the barrel away from the trail in order to make the 3 separate loads... quite pleased with the way these turned out, though the camels look a little top heavy! up, the horse drawn artillery - for the Egyptians, or the British - I have two of each to pull the two Krupps guns I have, so all options are available dependant on the scenario....

First the Egyptian artillery... limber/horses and crew from Essex, gun is Peter Pig: the British - details the same as for the Egyptian piece:

..lastly - the two together: post will feature Wood's Regiment of Horse..


  1. Love these! I am going to have to try and do something similar in 28mm!

  2. Ha! They look quite good don't they? :o))

    I know you prefer the 28mm scale, so you might want to check the link out in one of my previous posts?? it has a link to a model Redoubt make in 28mm.. hope that helps. Steve