Monday, December 31, 2007

Review of 2007... line with some of my fellow Old School bloggers I thought I'd do a quick review of what I'd accomplished in 2007...'s the first time I've ever done this as I don't normally take a record of what I paint, but given I started blogging last March, and had posts going back to the beginning of the year, for the first time ever I had a (kind of) record of what I painted last year - to say the least I was quite impressed with my efforts - not quite the lazy so and so I thought I was...!

In 25mm American War of Independence I painted:

Saintonge (12 infantry - see picture)
Von Donop (12 infantry)
"Orange Lillies" (12 infantry - see picture)

In 15mm I painted (all infantry unless otherwise stated):

2 Regiments of Bavarian Cuirassiers (16 cavalry) -WSS
2 Regiments of British Cavalry (16 cavalry - see picture) - WSS
1 Regiment of Dutch Cavalry (8 cavalry) - WSS
1 Regiment of Dutch Infantry (24) - WSS
Egyptian Lancers (12 cavalry) - Sudan
Mounted Camel Corps (12 "cavalry") - Sudan
Dismounted Camel Corps (12) - Sudan
Kneeling Camels & Guards (6 +2) - Sudan
Dervish Cavalry (12 cavalry) - Sudan
British Infantry (6) - Sudan
Gun crews (18) - Sudan

Bagagge etc.

Camel Corps artillery - 6 camels/6 drivers/2 guns - Sudan
2 Krups guns - Sudan
2 limbers - 4 horses/2 drivers (for the Krups) - Sudan
2 ammunition wagons - WSS
2 Gatling guns and crews (6) - Sudan
Limbers for the WSS artillery (12 horses/6 drivers) - WSS

...which I make approximately 118 foot & 108 mounted - for a combined "Olley"* score of 334 points... not bad! J

* For reference Phil Olley is a noted wargamer (click on his name to go to his site) who came up with a points method of measuring painting output - basically 2 points for a mounted figure, or gun, or wagon, and one point for a foot figure...


  1. Nice to see some AWI French figures, Steve - thanks for posting. Good tally for the year too!


  2. And now you have a target figure to beat for 2008.

    Happy New Year.

    -- Jeff