Sunday, January 06, 2008


....keeping up the forward painting momentum, may I present to you Thomas Meredith's Regiment of Foot, the latest English/British unit to join the ranks of my Allied War of the Succession armies... of the things I find most enjoyable about this particular project is tracing the history of the various regiments I'm painting - and this one was no different as after many amalgamations, and name changes, this regiment eventually became the Royal Hampshire Regiment (The Tigers), and are my neighbouring counties own regiment...

The figures are 15mm (of course) and by Warrior (with the exception of the grenadiers, who are Minifigs, and the officers who were Dixon). Overall the Warrior figures sculpt and quality is good, little flash, not cartoonish... They're the first figures I've painted, and were completed fairly quickly and easily.. as mentioned on the WSS Project Page the only thing that lets them down is the tricorne which is sculpted very small, and looks like a pork-pie hat! The wagons by the way are also newly completed, and join the commissariat for my WSS armies..

Just a little bit of history, the regiment was formed in Ireland in 1702, they served throughout the War of the Succession in Holland and Germany, and were present at all of the major engagements - in 1882 they were presented with battle honours for Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde & Malplaquet.

At the Schellenberg the regiment was brigaded with the 1st Guards, Orkney's Regiment & Ingoldsby's Regiment under the brigade command of Fergusson, in the division of Lt. General Goor - their completion, means I can now field the entire brigade...

The Schellenberg was their first major engagement and the "action had cost Meredith’s 14 officers and 80 men killed or wounded"...

For further reading I would recommend this page, but especially this page. This page is good for some background on Meredith himself... he was a captain in Schomberg's horse up to 1694, and at the age of only 36 was Adjutant General of the Forces in Ireland - another interesting character from the period!


  1. I do enjoy the look of your figures and the background that you've researched. Thank you.

    -- Jeff

  2. For 15mm figs yours have the most expressive faces I have seen in some time!


  3. ..thanks Murdock - nothing to do with my painting skills I can assure you - purely down to figure quality. I did like the look on that officers face, though - Dixons quality casting! All my guys get the same treatment - just Vallejo skin tone, with Games Worskhop "flesh wash" over the top...

  4. Now if only Meredith's had been available things might have turned out differently :o)

  5. Hi Steve,

    That's a very pretty regiment, and it's really amazing how well the three figures ranges work together. I would not have guessed had you not mentioned it. Of course, I knew the MiniFigs and Dixons were nice figures already, but it's nice to see clear examples of the Warrior figures finally.

    Best Regards,