Monday, March 31, 2008

End of the month catch up...

Bit of a hodgepodge for this, the last post of March… been doing lots, just not had the time to post, isn’t it always the way…

First off – books – I’ve just finished reading “Washington and Caesar” by Christian Cameron (click here).

As an impulse buy at my local library from the shelf of books they are getting rid of (torn pages/covers, old, etc.), I wasn't expecting much. What a bonus, though – a fantastic read!

The book is set in the American War of Independence and tells the two opposing sides of the war from the perspective of George Washington, and one of his slaves who escapes, and goes on to fight for the British in a unit made up of former slaves. I’m not sure from my reading how many of these units the British had, but from the historical notes in the book (full marks to the author) he documents a number of coloured units who fought on the side of the British, usually company size – subject for a post at some time in the future I think....

I also want to read up a little more on the life and career of the British general who oversaw the diplomacy marking the end of the war – Guy Carleton – who sounds like an extraordinarily talented man, and not a general who I've come across before in my reading of the period….

A cracking yarn then, set mostly in the northern theatre, with a major part on the Philadelphia expedition. Cameron is particularly good on light troops and tactics (I notice he has Nosworthy’s book on battlefield tactics (click here) in his select bibliography) and his battle descriptions are excellent – all in all, very readable – recommended (and just out in paperback I notice)!

Second off – the campaign – I’ll post further tomorrow, or the day after. The latest move has arrived but DG is travelling at the moment, so as there was no rush I’ve not done it yet. The good news is that DG is visiting me on Wednesday evening – so time for a game…

Third off – please find following some pictures of the latest unit to join the forces of Louis XIV and his allies – this is the first of my Bavarian regiments – the regiment Lutzenberg. They served in Major General Lutzenburg's 'Bavarian' Brigade at the battle of the Schellenberg - and that's all I can find out about them...L If anyone has any good online resources to the Bavarian army of this period, please leave a comment.... in the meanwhile I shall take to my books and see what I can find elsewhere...

The unit is comprised exclusively of Minifigs, with the rear rank comprising the first usage of a large consignment of these perfect little specimens that arrived just last week. For the Old Schoolers amongst you, when talking to the guys at Minifigs UK last week, they were telling me that the new website has been a huge success, and is generating a lot of sales.... good news!

Last of all - it's the last day of the month, so time to have a look at the numbers, as ever my thanks for taking me through the 11,000 barrier - appreciated - I wasn't so sure people would find the campaign interesting but it doesn't seem to have had a detrimental effect on the numbers....


  1. Good-looking Bavarians.

    -- Jeff

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    I just noticed that I'm visitor #11,111 . . . that is a passel of ones, isn't it?

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