Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Move 7 & 8 (14:00 & 15:00)

14:00 Day 1 (move 7)..

..as a reminder the campaign map is to the left (click on it and any of the other pictures in this blog for the usual bigger view).

Interesting move..

..the British have clearly opted to send their cavalry towards Fourstones (4/.) while their infantry and artillery continues to advance down the main trunk...

..now this is where campaigning gets interesting - what interests me at the moment is 'exactly how much of my deployment can DG see from his current positions'???

I suspect that the infantry and my C-in-C may not be visible to him, so by now he should be aware that there are no sightings of any troops in Fourstones (4/.)..

..so here is the position at the beginning of the move:

..my guess is that the only American units he has visibility of are:

~ the ex-garrison of Threepwood (3/.), now hot footing it south with the garrison commanders antique family heirloom finely balanced on top of a small dog cart
~ the still smarting Milita and cavalry, "fresh" from the skirmish at Twogates House (2/.)

..further interest also in the form of much needed couriers to the units currently retiring towards Sevenoaks (7/.) as a result of the British feint along the west road. The couriers carry news from both the Milita formerly based at Twogates House, and the cavalry that were patrollong road between their and One Tree Hill. This allows me to change the orders for these units to move towards Carnine (9/.)

Couriers also arrive to advise the half battalion currently stationed at Camsix (6/.) that they will be needed at Carnine (9/.) but they have orders to wait for the other half of the battalion before they march and these are at Tenterden (10.) I settle for a die roll and it confirms that the half battalion in Camsix will march towards Tenterden to effect the consolidation sooner (rather than staying put)..

...and after all the American orders and moves are complete - you'll notice that British are lost from view as I move away from them and out of recon range - but I know where they are!:

15:00 Day 1 (Move 8)..

Further consolidation - I've now lost all view of the British units that were approaching on the western road - no doubt they'll pop up at a time in the future when I could least do with seeing them!

Other than that all American units proceed as previously - at the end of the move the view is as follows:

..what's interesting is that my last recon report showed that the three British units I could see were comprised one unit only - interesting... has DG dropped off a few elements to consolidate elsewhere?? Have I outpaced his artillery and that's why I can't see the main body? I'm betting on the latter.... more anon...


  1. I agree, starting to develop some nice problems.

  2. Yes, a good game... who is playing the other side?

  3. Thanks for your comments, chaps.. yes, some interesting conundrums, not least how I win the game! Of which more anon.. :o)

    Rafa - my opponent is my good friend and regular wargaming opponent (for almost 15 years now!), known to the blogging world as "DG"... he's an outstanding infantry commander, I of course am usually to be found leading my light horse (to total destruction!)

  4. Right that's it, I'm just going to have to knuckle down and learn Berthier.

    Gripping stuff Steve.