Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Campaign - Move 3

10:00 Day 1 (move 3)..

..that ominous blue square that I spotted north of 2/ you may remember had metamorphosised into a whole clutch of sightings, but having broken off from the contact with the cavalry, I now find that I've been contacted again - by the same unit...

..I have a couple of options - stand and fight - which isn't really going to do a lot of good against what looks like the whole of the British army, or break off again and attempt to follow the units orders... I go for the latter, so take another point of damage..

..the deployment map is now swarming with "nasty's" (incoming hostiles!) almost certainly a major British advance on this axis

..I also have a recon report that gives me a little more detail on how many (to be taken with a small pinch of salt)...

..the cavalry (who are on the road between 1/. and 2/.), I now decide to put on a hold order for the time being - the British can come to me.

What concerns me most now is the other ominous blue square on the west road - looks like DG has decided not to put all his eggs in one basket - I've ordered the American unit their to hold while I wait for the British to advance so I can recognise who they are. If they don't then I'll start withdrawing next turn...

...with none of my couriers having yet arrived at the other American units, that's it for this turn.

DG is coming down to my neck of the woods for a game this weekend, so I suspect that on the campaign front, that will now be it until next week. In the meanwhile though, I have the aforesaid game to prepare for, and in light of all the discussion on the Old School Wargaming group, and Alte Fritze's Blog (links to both from the left) I've decided it's going to be a Sudan game... more on that anon!

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