Thursday, March 13, 2008

Campaign Move 4..

11:00 Day 1 (move 4)..

..things are not getting any easier for the Americans but the very difficulty of the position makes the final decisions easy - within the confines of the orders I've given my units I only have a limited number of options. This is what it looks like as the start of the move (click on any of the pictures for a bigger view): 2/. DG has advanced to contact and offers battle against my sore pressed Militia - their commander decides that two retreats is enough, and in a shades of Bastogne kind of mood responds "nuts" to the British demands. They are joined by the American cavalry who sidestep the British unit on the road and join their Militia colleagues in 2/. The cavalry bring in a recon report:

..on the other side of the peninsula, in danger of being surrounded, the commander acts on his orders and withdraws..

..the position at the end of the move then is as follows - I've worked the recon reports to show me who's where..

So it looks like that Sudan game on Saturday is postponed for the time being... J

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