Monday, May 19, 2008

23:00 to 08:00 - Day 2..

..time, I think, for another update on the campaign which has carried on despite the lack of posts - that's the way it's going to be when the moves are taking place overnight and in both instances troops are getting some much needed rest and sleep... I've no interest in boring you rigid...! a reminder the campaign map is to the left (click on it and any of the other pictures in this blog for the usual bigger view). may remember that because my units started moving some time later than DG's they were significantly fresher so I was continuing to consolidate on Carnine long after the British had taken to their encampments for the night...

..positions at the end of move 15 (22:00 day 1) were as follows:

..and to be honest things have not altered much though it is now move 25 (08:00 on Day 2) - I can't speak for DG but I can advise that my troops are fresh and ready to go and all my units are now at the rendezvous point, with the exception of two cavalry vedettes that are positioned north and west of Carnine to give me advance notice of any British movement... have no idea how worrying it is when your opponent just stops moving - I know he's probably resting his troops, but DG is a wily customer and I haven't excluded the possibility of an outflanking movement (hence the scouts to the west). I've toyed with the idea of withdrawing on Eighton, and Sevenoaks, but don't see the point as my current position is defensively strong - the river is impassable except at the road. DG is going to have to come and winkle my troops out of a strong defensive position in order to win the campaign - so bring it on... J

...more anon...


..on a separate subject - the answer to the little quiz in the post before last, about what the weapon represents? I got a response from Minifigs that both my answers were right ie. it can be used for either a tripod mounted MMG/HMG, or an anti-tank rifle...

...finally, I urge the wargamers amongst you (or anyone else who has a tendency to have too many irons in the fire, come to that) to slip on over to Henry (Hyde's) Battlegames Blog ( where you should immediately read (and hopefully enjoy) his last post on the subject of "focus"...

...Henry has a happy knack of cutting to the quick and I found his comments particularly pertinent to my situation as well.. you'll be aware that I've been looking to get my American Civil War project off the ground for ages, with little or no success - despite my initial decision to go with 15mm, I've been finding myself looking at my 25mm AWI's and thinking "what if", I have rules I want to try and no time to try them as when I see DG we have games in other periods that, in the time we have, we would prefer to play. The focus that Henry mentions then is easily applicable to my current situation so I've decided to put the American Civil War project on the back burner for the time being... I have enough to be getting on with that I'm already enjoying immensely!


  1. Bring it on indeed - I can't stand the tension!

  2. "Focus"? Well, let's see . . . I'm working on SYW . . . uh, well I've been finishing up painting a few hundred Colonial figures . . . while thinking about 15mm WSS . . . and 40mm ECW . . . and I really would like to put together a WWI air campaign because I have a lot of painted 1/144th planes . . . and I'm still tempted by pre-dreadnaught naval.

    Of course I have more Ancients armies than anything else . . . I suppose that I should look into playing them again too.

    What were you talking about, Steve? Oh, right . . . "focus".

    -- Jeff