Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Move 26 (09:00 Day 2)

09:00 - Day 2.. a reminder the campaign map is to the left (click on it and any of the other pictures in this blog for the usual bigger view).

..I continue to worry about what DG is up to, so when the latest move arrived, and there was still no movement by his cavalry I decided it was time to act a little 'proactively' as I have no interest in being "humbugged, by God.." J of the things I've noticed about wargamers is that we have a far lower boredom threshold than most, and often a stupid move in a game, or even campaign, could be initiated by nothing more than wanting to make something happen (hands up, anyone??J) in this case though I think my actions are pretty valid..

Firstly, the cavalry are the eyes of any army in this period, if they're not seeing anything then I'm blind. Secondly, and less justifiably, it's now 0900 and to my knowledge DG's cavalry have been stationary for the better part of 12 hours - he's doing something, and the cavalry are screening it I'm sure!

...sounds reasonable doesn't it? We shall see...

So, it's time to put the cavalry 'in harms way'... accordingly I've moved the squadron north of Carnine further north (nothing sighted), and one of the units west of Carnine (a half squadron) I've ordered north, but to the west of the range of hills, so as to reconnoitre the road between Fourstones (4/.) and Camsix (6.).

Positions at the end of the move then are as follows - no new sightings...

...more anon...

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