Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Move 32 (15:00 Day 2) to 51 (10:00 Day 3)

15:00 (Day 2) to 10:00 (Day 3)..

...first off, the usual reminder that the campaign map is to the left (click on it and any of the other pictures in this blog for the usual bigger view).'s been some time, and in campaign terms we're currently up to move 51, so I thought I'd bring you up to date with what's been happening in the campaign. Yes, we're still playing, but at the moment we're into a cautious manoeuvring phase, and rather than bore you rigid I decided to lay off the posts for a while so as to give a summary/overview that may be slightly more entertaining... may remember that the last time I posted I was cock-a-hoop, as following the decision to put my cavalry in "harms way" I'd hunted down DG's main force at Camsix (6. on the map) behind a screen of his own cavalry. That was late in the previous day, so after getting messages back to my main force in Carnine (9.) the rest of the day was spent shadowing his cavalry, and watching what the rest of his force was up to.

After a quiet night he started moving westwards again in the early hours of the current campaign day, and I am wholly expecting a major engagement 'today'. His cavalry have scouted Eighton (8.), but in the last couple of hours his main force is just coming into recon range.

Overnight, I ordered a couple of moves that should help to offset the superiority DG has over my forces...

Firstly I ordered the infantry in Carnine to start digging earthworks - in the rules we're using, a close order infantry unit can construct 1 strength point of fieldwork every other table top move. There are 6 tabletop moves per campaign move, so that equates to 3 strength points per regiment per Berthier move - with 9 regiments then, an hours move gained me 27 points of fieldworks to use as I want. As an indication a:

  • Timber fieldwork (per 100mm) equals 6 strength points
  • Earth and Timber Redoubt equals 10 strength points
  • Timber Stockade (per 100mm) equals 8 strength points

I'm guessing I'll have a couple of redoubts (for the artillery) and a fieldwork, but we'll see...

Second, I ordered the light militia regiment to march east, to provide extra recon cover, the other two militia battlaions (Close order) I ordered north east, tracking the edge of the river, my plan is to keep them out of recon range of DG's troops so that I can use them as a flanking reinforcement, hopefully when DG is least expecting them! It's a gamble as I'm relying on them not being spotted, but if it goes pear shaped then I'll recall them quickly.

Current positions then are as follows:

...more anon...

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