Thursday, July 31, 2008

Move 52 - 11:00 (day 3)

11:00 (Day 3)..

...first off, the usual reminder that the campaign map is to the left (click on it and any of the other pictures in this blog for the usual bigger view).

...things are picking up fast, and the bad news is that my flanking force has been rumbled; I'll need to get them back in quick.

As part of the pulling back of my troops in the face of DG's force, I'd bought one of my cavalry squadrons right into Carnine (9. on the map) and that resulted in me getting a sighting of a unit that I hadn't been able to spot up until then, on the other side of the river.

I suspect that these guys are cavalry and they'll have been watching every move my flanking force has made - they need to get a message to the British C-in-C before DG can formally react but I hate all that gamey-ness so I'll be conforming as above...

Key to the map is as follows - this was the recon report from that unit of cavalry:
...and this is the composite view of where everyone is....

...more anon...


  1. Steve
    Tony De Lyall will be very proud of your use of Berthier!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I too was impressed with Berthier, Steve. Finally got round to trying it and as I have gone to Vista found that Tony said that converting to MSDOS is not for beginners. Ah well. Perhaps one day. Still enjoying your reports though.