Thursday, February 12, 2009

Combat Stress Appeal...

I spotted this first on Soapy's blog [click here], and then also at The Miniatures Page [click here] and think that it deserves as much coverage as we gamers can give it...

In summary, Figures in Comfort [click here] are trying to raise money for Holybush House (Combat Stress [click here]), the organisation that helps ex-service men and women who have mental health issues which have resulted from the stress of military service. Those of you who read "Battlegames" magazine will also know that Henry is also supporting this charity (you can make donations here [click here]),

They plan to commission twelve figures from various sculptors within our industry, and any proceeds will then go to the charity... the first figure has already been sculpted (see picture below) and is by Soapy (who sculpts for Gripping Beast / Woodbine), and I think is absolutely lovely...

Figures should be available at Salute (I shall certainly be investing there).. spread the word - this is a good thing...


  1. thanks for tip off have added a button to take people to the Combat Stress web site from my Blog will likewise definitly invest in figures.Soapy's fig reminiscent of WW1 memorials in towns etc and is spot on.

  2. Steve,

    I'd love to see you at Salute . . . but I'm eight time zones away so it won't happen.

    Nice figure though.

    -- Jeff

  3. Thanks for this. Worth investing in.

    We must try and meet up at Salute!